I’ll take you on a journey from self-discovery to self-mastery.


How Can It Help YOU?


You need a plan but aren’t sure where to start? Trying to figure it out on your own when you are already juggling a million other responsibilities can be reason enough to put things off! We’ll co-create a strategy that is customized just for you!


The #1 Reason People don’t see progress when implementing change in their life is because they don’t consistently follow through with new behaviors.

ALL of my programs have accountability built in so that you have the support to get started AND to follow through.


Coaching is focused on where you are in the present moment, where you want to go and the steps that can be immediately taken to get you from A to be in the most efficient and expeditious way possible. You are capable of achieving what you want – a coach will help you do it in half the time.


Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results is the definition of insanity. It’s easier to break through your blocks with the added support of a fresh set of eyes on your unique situation so new insights that lead to transformation will happen faster than plugging along on your own!


Package 1
6-Week Program

You want to reach that goal you’ve set out for yourself but need a rock solid strategy and support to get started this package is for you!

6-Weeks with a customized strategy, coaching and daily accountability!

Package 2
The Flow State Method
12-Week Program

When it comes to replacing old bad habits and behaviors with new ones to reach a goal, motivation will only take you so far – this package is designed to take you all the way.

12-Week Program designed to focus on one area of your life where you want to get serious results.


Getting to know Mary, and her getting to know me, made me much more comfortable when it came time to working on my behaviors and looking at the things I did before that failed. She did not talk at me, like many life coaches and/or personal trainers & medical professionals do. She talks to me. She asked me critical but empathetic questions and listened to my answers, which helped her to create a plan for my life that works. She does not have a ‘one size fits all’ approach, which I loved. I no longer felt like I was just a project for someone to fix; I was a partner in a 2-woman team when it came to changing my ways of thinking and old habits in order to start achieving my goals. Losing the weight and getting off of hbp medicine feels doable now, for the very first time in my adult life, and it is all because of Mary and her holistic approach with me.

- Robyn

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