Life’s Levers​

Ever notice those “levers” in life?

Those actions that you take in one area that lift you up in others areas of your life as well?

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I asked people on facebook what their levers were and here were some of their responses:

  • cleaning out the closets (and donating all the clothes!)
  • extensive beach walking
  • Taking space….time off, going for walks, different environments…several ways to do it, but one main theme
  • exercise
  • Swimming “wild” in the sea until Thanksgiving, immersing in nature like never before
  • Finding gratitude in challenging moments
  • Getting a breast reduction

What I loved about these responses were that they were all “doable” actions, many felt so personal and they became a lever that led to other positive side effects.

Not sure which actions would be a lever for you?

Do a super quick life category inventory to identify where you might be overly focusing your attention at the expense of other areas.

Category Examples:

  • Family + Friends
  • Significant Other
  • Mental Health
  • Career
  • Finances
  • Physical Health
  • Home Environment
  • Fun & Leisure
  • Personal Growth + Learning
  • Spiritual

Once you figure out which area could use a little attention, think of one or two actions you could take within the next 24 hours to a week (but no more) and commit to it.

Maybe your lever action would be finally scheduling that first therapy session or attending an online spiritual service or playing a board game with your significant other – it doesn’t really matter what it is, as long as it means something to you and you take action on it as quickly as possible.

“Insight without action is worthless. Taking action is the only path to change.” – Marie Forleo

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