The Best 5-Step Morning Routine to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Losing weight can seem intimidating in the beginning, especially if you feel like you need to kickstart your metabolism and eat the right foods. Your metabolism is an important part of anyone’s healthy lifestyle. A properly functioning metabolism allows you to have the energy you need for great workouts. 

But figuring out how to kickstart your metabolism isn’t always the easiest thing. One thing you can do to help boost your metabolism and help you burn more fat throughout the day is putting a quick and effective morning routine in place for yourself. 

The Best 5-Step Morning Routine to Kickstart Your Metabolism
The Best 5-Step Morning Routine to Kickstart Your Metabolism

Follow This 5-Step Morning Routine to Kickstart Your Metabolism First Thing in the Morning

 In case you’re unfamiliar, your metabolism is the rate at which your body burns calories, producing energy for your cells.

Your metabolism matters so much, especially where weight and energy are concerned. A lot of people want to do things like be able to play tennis,  go for a hike, and so forth, but many don’t have the energy to do so.

Much of this is due to having a poorly functioning or inefficient metabolism, but what can you do about it? Implementing a solid, consistent morning routine helps you create a metabolism that works for your body instead of against it. Follow these steps to create an easy morning routine that will kickstart your metabolism! 

Step #1: Kickstart Your Metabolism With a Healthy Breakfast

You’ve probably heard the age-old saying “Breakfast is the most important meal of the day.” It sounds like an overused cliche, but it’s true! Eating in the morning helps kickstart your  metabolism. Eating breakfast boosts your body’s metabolic function. That means eating breakfast every single day matters.

 When you do this, your body knows it is time to start the day and break down nutrients from the previous day. It’s important to eat a healthy breakfast, though. Try different simple breakfasts with both carbs and protein to wake up your mind and get ready for whatever the day brings.  

When your body has the right nutrients, it functions more efficiently! Specifically, vitamins and nutrients stimulate your metabolism. They do this by giving your body the ability to metabolize carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into energy that you will need throughout the day. This is why having protein in the morning, like eggs, is such a good idea. Paying attention to the nutrients in the food you eat helps your body create energy. Protein-rich foods and iron-rich foods are a great way to kickstart your metabolism. Remember to drink plenty of water in the morning, too! Being hydrated helps your body work the way it’s supposed to, so it’s super important. 

Step #2: Move Your Body in the Morning

One of the best things you can do for yourself is to add some kind of  exercise to your morning routine. It doesn’t have to be an all-or-nothing 8 mile run or HIIT practice. Consistency is so much more important than extreme workouts. Show up every single day and move! It’s all about getting your heart rate up, which will help kickstart your metabolism. Plus, consistent exercise has incredible benefits for your overall health, too. 

One Way to Start: Morning Stretching & Quickie Core Workout

A consistent exercise routine doesn’t have to be boring! You can always go for a walk, bike ride, or even a run. But it’s fun to switch things up and really kickstart your metabolism with a fun exercise!

I  do a combination of yoga stretches and 30 crunches (sometimes regular, sometimes bicycle, I switch it up) and 30 bridge lifts. The stretching will give you a quick endorphin hit, strengthen your muscles, and clear your mind by boosting circulation. 

Want to know what else is great about exercising every morning, aside from boosting your metabolism? If you do nothing else physical during the day, you’ve still accomplished something.

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Step #3: Get Prepared for the Rest of the Day

One of the quickest ways to slow down your metabolism is letting yourself get too hungry and then eating a bunch of unhealthy snacks. How can you set yourself up for success every morning? Make getting prepared a key part of your morning routine! To help kickstart your metabolism, make sure you know what your schedule and to-do list looks like every morning. This way, you’ll know what to expect during the day. Then, you can prepare snacks and even lunches or meals accordingly! 

If you have a super busy day and know you won’t be able to have a healthy lunch, make sure you have something ready. If you know that it’ll be a long afternoon before you can head home for dinner, keep snacks on hand that will energize you instead of weighing you down. Change up your snacks depending on how you feel, but take time every morning to prepare yourself. Want to know a game-changer for making this habit stick? Prepare snacks you’re actually excited to eat. 

Step #4: Start the Day With The Right Drinks

Alright, let’s face it: most of us wake up, stumble out of bed, and feel like we need a cup of coffee ASAP. But if you want to feel energized and kickstart your metabolism, there are much better drink options you should add to your morning routine! 

First, try warm lemon water in the morning. This is an amazing way to cleanse your digestive system and get your metabolism on-track. After this first glass of warm water, you can switch over to cold water throughout the day to stay energized. If you’re worried about the sourness of the lemon, feel free to add a little local honey to sweeten the deal. This habit also helps keep your skin clear, among other benefits! 

Aside from lemon water, green tea is a great choice to add to your morning routine and boost your metabolism. Green tea has been known to help boost fat loss by improving your metabolic rate. Like with the lemon water, feel free to sweeten with honey if you want! 

If you absolutely need your coffee, don’t fret. Some studies have shown that caffeine can also stimulate your metabolism. 

Step #5: Track Your Progress 

When you start working to boost your metabolism, you have to track how you feel. Taking a few minutes to journal in the morning makes a huge difference for your mental health. But when it comes to a health goal, it helps physically, too.

Start each day by writing down your goal for the day, how you’re feeling, something you’re grateful for, and even what foods you’re planning to eat. Then, the next day, you can do a quick review of how the day before went. If you find yourself reaching an energy slump every day around 3pm, hopefully, this morning journal will help you find patterns and create solutions. This is an easy way to start making progress on improving your metabolism. 

Learning to kickstart your metabolism doesn’t have to mean huge changes. Implementing a consistent 5-step morning routine makes the process easy. When you eat breakfast, hydrate the right way, move your body, get prepared, and keep track of your progress, boosting your metabolism is stress-free.  These tips will help you on the way to feeling better and becoming healthier!

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