Stress is something just about everyone experiences, which is not unusual on its own. However, if you have daily stress that is affecting your quality of life, that is when you need to do something about it. Stress can wreak havoc on your physical health and your mental health, worsening anxiety, and depression, interrupting your sleep, and causing problems in your personal and professional life.

Here are some tips for easing your daily stress in a more natural way.

Most Important Step: Change Your Diet

The diet that you consume each day can reduce your stress naturally! Reduce anxiety by eating foods rich in certain vitamins and minerals like the ones below!


Spinach is a highly nutritious dark leafy green that contains iron, vitamin C, and tryptophan. When you consume tryptophan, it helps to calm your mind along with relaxing your nervous system. Use spinach in salads and on sandwiches.


It is important to consume protein each day, and salmon contains antioxidants, omega-3 fatty acids, and protein. Omega-3 fatty acids help to create a healthy brain that can withstand the daily stresses that occur at work or school.


Oranges contain vitamin C and antioxidants that will boost your bodyís immune system. With a healthier immune system, the cortisol levels in your body will decrease, helping to reduce your anxiety.


Delicious blueberries are considered a superfood that is recommended for making smoothie beverages or baked goods. This fruit contains the antioxidants, iron, and vitamin A that your body requires to overcome the bad effects of a stressful lifestyle.

Dark Chocolate

When you feel anxious, you may crave dark chocolate because this delicious treat contains a lot of antioxidants. By eating a small amount of dark chocolate each day, you can have a reduction in the fight-or-flight chemicals in your body.


After eating asparagus, the vitamin B in this vegetable helps your brain to produce dopamine. This chemical improves your overall mood so that you feel less anxious on a daily basis.


When you eat almonds, you are ingesting vitamin E that helps to reduce the free radicals in your bodyís cells. If you are experiencing stress, then your bodyís glands release hormones that will damage the cells in your mind and body, but almonds can repair this damage.


Avocados contain several types of vitamin B, and this nutrient helps to reduce your mind’s anxiety levels. You can use avocado slices in a salad, or you can mash avocado to create a tasty dip for tortilla chips.


Begin your day with a bowl of hot steel-cut oatmeal. When you are experiencing stress, it is important to eat comfort foods, and warm oatmeal helps your brain to release serotonin that will improve your mood.


Turkey has a lot of tryptophan that will increase the amount of serotonin in the pleasure center of your brain. By eating roasted turkey or having a turkey sandwich, you can reduce your stress levels.


One of the biggest ailments our world faces is stress. Stress is how your body responds to threats or pressing demands. While there is good stress, known as eustress, negative stress can make us feel tired or angry and can cause high blood pressure. It’s often believed that nature gives us the best remedies, so here are some simple and natural ways to relieve and reduce stress.

Practice Your Breathing

As simple as it sounds, doing breathing exercises can help you relax and unwind after a difficult day. One of the most effective exercises is to breathe in deeply for seven seconds, hold for three seconds, and exhale slowly over eight seconds. This exercise will help slow your heart rate and relax your muscles, and can even help you get to sleep easily.


Physical activity can be a number of things. You can swim, skate, ski, or bike. These are just a few of the many different ways you can stay physically active. When you move your body and work your muscles, your body responds by increasing oxygen flow to the brain. Exercising regularly can improve the overall health of your brain, even if it is just 30 minutes a day.

Get Good Sleep

Many people underestimate the power of a good night’s sleep, but it’s very important for everyday life. Getting seven to nine hours of sleep per night is ideal for the average adult, whereas children and teenagers will likely need more. Sleep will also improve your learning and memory. While you sleep, your body repairs itself and clears the waste from your brain. Getting enough sleep every night can improve your overall health and decrease stress.

When it comes to managing stress, I take the integrative approach with myself and my clients. We focus on the physical, mental and emotional. Our nervous system can get overtaxed when it is constantly wired from coffee and sugar or other things that are outside of our control like sick family member or a difficult boss. Learning how to manage stress means we stop overburdening the nervous system not just by practicing mindfulness and exercise but by focusing on what we put in and on our bodies as well!

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