Usually when you’re finished with a yoga session, you feel better from head to toe. You don’t just get the benefit of relaxed muscles and stronger joints, you also leave with a clear mind. Yoga combines meditation and exercise which allows you to focus and achieve clarity.


One of my favorite quotes is “In yoga we learn to act out of clarity rather than react out of confusion.” — Rama Jyoti Vernon.

You may have found yourself turning to yoga when you realized you needed a change in your life. That change needs to come from the inside. Yoga is a great way to help your mental health, but the only thing that will help you make the changes you want in your life, is to change your attitude towards life itself. Only this, will allow you to cultivate a meaningful philosophy of life.

Establish a Routine

Finding clarity in your everyday life will require you to make some changes in your daily routine. Make sure you establish a routine that helps keep your mind and body healthy.

This can be difficult because we all have our own habits, but start with small steps. Start off by practicing yoga or breathing exercises in the morning when you wake up, and before bed. Practicing these exercises will help you start and end the day off right.

Practice Yoga

During the day you may have find yourself in a state of fogginess. Instead of going grocery shopping, you may have stayed in bed another three hours. Perhaps you need to make an important decision, but you just can’t decide! Struggling with this issue can be frustrating.

Trust me. We’ve all been there.

The reason we struggle so much is because we are living without purpose.

Every day we let our minds run on and on with no direction. We do things without knowing why we are doing them, and we participate in conversations without fully knowing the purpose behind them. It’s like we run on autopilot and we forget to be intentional. Instead of creating a purpose we allow ourselves to drown in an ocean of thoughts.

To pull yourself out of this miserable loop, you need to learn how to make your mind steady and clear.

A great way to do this is through meditation and exercise. When we focus on holding poses, the mind becomes sharp and all other thoughts are removed. Using balancing postures can sharpen your focus and mental clarity. Any balance pose will improve your concentration and focus. Warrior 3, Eagle, Half Moon, and Tree, are some great balance poses to try out!

Utilize Breathing Exercises

Our minds are incredible. We rely on them so much to help us navigate through life. When we allow our minds to get foggy or overwhelmed it is hard for us to make decisions, remember things, or have the mental capacity to complete projects. If you’re struggling with these things, you may just need to clear your mind.

Integrating breathing exercises into your yoga practice can increase your energy, relieve stress, and improve your health. When you concentrate on your breathing, the fog in your mind will clear and you’ll relax.

When you first start, do breathing exercises by themselves in a seated position. Once you get the hang of it, practice simple poses while you breathe. Positions like Child’s Pose, Vajrasana, and “Cat and Cow” are good simple poses to start this with.

I challenge you to add yoga into your daily routine. Try doing a few poses in the morning and before bed so you can start and end your day off with a clear mind. Even if you only have time for a pose or two, yoga will help you achieve clarity so you can live a better life.

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