8 Ways to silence your inner critic

1. Stay In Your Own Lane

The inner critic loves a good game of compare and despair. That’s why it’s really important to identify what is most valuable to you in life, put your blinders on and go to work. Weed out activities that have you looking in a million other places where you could start to feel crappy about yourself and instead put it towards activities that hold meaning and will drive you forward.

2. Celebrate the Small Wins

If you are reading this around the time I’m publishing it then it’s been about a year since COVID-19 rocked our world. Personally, being isolated without regular activities for so long really took a toll on my motivation and self-worth. Celebrating the small wins like making my bed each day before walking five feet to my work-at-home desk was a reason to celebrate.  Understand where you are in life, your circumstances, and identify the little wins that you accomplish in spite of those circumstances.

3. Power Pauses

When we pause, we get the opportunity to choose how we respond to ourselves, others, and the world.   By pausing you give yourself space between stimulus and response.  This can start with how you respond to others and then bring it into how you respond to the thoughts you have about yourself.

4. Positive Self-Talk

Our inner critic has a narrative that keeps us stuck believing old, limiting ideas about ourselves.  By talking to ourselves in a loving, productive way we can start to rewire our neural pathways to cement in new beliefs that push us forward.  Identify one limiting belief you have about yourself and replace it with a productive, positive one.  

5. Musical Inspiration

Create a playlist that is specially designed to get you in the mood to show up your inner critic by taking action on things you might have held back on before, that gets you stoked so you can continuously take action that takes you out of your comfort zone. 

6. Comfort Zone Sprints

Make a list of one repeatable action that would push you out of your comfort zone.
Not sure what one might be? Ask a friend or someone who knows you and wants the best for you.
Do this one thing for 7 days straight.

7. Create a Success Formula

When our inner critic speaks up, success formulas remind us of what works to shoot him down. Success formulas are easy and direct ways to communicate and remember what works for us.  

Once you find the practices that work for you put them into a word equation to remember them.

For example:

Self-Love = Celebrate the Small Wins and Power Pausing

There are so many more activities you can do to silence your inner critic, increase your self-love and worth. The biggest thing is that you find what works for you, have compassion for yourself on this journey, and take action every day, no matter how small.

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