7 Yoga Poses for Spring

It’s Springtime!

Never have the signs of spring felt so incredibly welcome after a long winter of being cooped up and stuck in social isolation.

I designed this short yoga sequence to help you release all that pent up tension for a little more freedom mentally and physically!

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Forward Fold

  • Stand with your feet together
  • Root down through all four corners of your feet
  • Slightly bend your knees
  • Fold your torso over your legs by hinging at your hips
  • Keep spine long on the way down
  • Release your hands to the ground or onto your shins
  • Stay long throughout your neck
  • Draw your shoulders down your back

Hold 10 breaths

Twisted Forward Fold

  • Stay in forward fold and lift halfway
  • Heel toe your feet about hip-width apart
  • Place one hand directly center, slightly in front of your feet onto your fingertips
  • Take a slight bend in the same side leg Extend your opposite arm into the sky
  • Twist your torso upwards
  • Gaze up
  • Stack your shoulder blades
  • Keep your hips squared to the front

Hold 10 breaths each side


  • Stand tall with legs together
  • Reach arms straight up overhead
  • Turn palms to face one another
  • Weight is distributed back toward the heels
  • Sit the hips low
  • Lengthen the spine by drawing lower abdomen in and up
  • Arms reach overhead with palms facing one another

Hold 10 breaths

Twisted Chair

  • Stay in chair pose and pull hands in a prayer position into your chest
  • Slide shoulder blades down back
  • Twist your left elbow across your knees
  • Press your left elbow against outer edge of right knee
  • Keep heart above the hips
  • Return to center with hands & switch sides

Hold 5-10 breaths each side


  • Start on all fours
  • Hands are shoulder width distance
  • Fingers are spread wide
  • Press down through knuckles of index finger and thumb
  • Walk the feet back to plank pose
  • Keep feet at hips width distance
  • Press forward onto your toes, so your heels stack over your toes.
  • Lower halfway down to create a 90 degree angle at the elbows.
  • Hug elbows in towards the ribs
  • Stretch the crown of your head forward and create a long line from the heels out through the crown of the head.
  • Draw your tailbone down toward your heels
  • Draw the navel in toward the spine

Hold 5-10 breaths

Low Lunge Hands Clasped

  • From all four bring your right foot forward into low lunge
  • Press into all four corners of the right foot (front foot) into the ground
  • Untuck the left toes (back foot) and flick the toenails into the floor
  • Scissor the legs towards one another for stability
  • Roll the shoulder heads back
  • Clasp the hands behind you

Hold 10 breaths both sides

Twisted Monkey

  • Begin in a low lunge with right foot in front
  • Place both hands on the inside of your front foot and bent knee
  • Drop your left (back) knee to the ground send it back further
  • Hinge forward slightly to open your hip flexor
  • Pivot your top foot to the corner at a 45-degree angle
  • Flex and firm up your right (front) foot and ankle
  • Allow your front bent knee to rotate outward
  • Ground outside palm to the mat
  • Bend your left (back) knee
  • Reach around with your right hand to catch your left foot or ankle
  • Roll right shoulder open
  • Keep weight on top of left (back) knee and not directly on knee cap
  • Allow spine to twist and chest to rotate upward
  • Broaden your collar bones

Hold 5-10 breaths both sides

These poses can be practiced separately or added into your own routines as part of a flow!

Sending so much love as we start off the spring together!




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