20 Mental Energy Boosters

Our brains consume about 20 percent of the body’s energy even when we are in a resting state. The amount of energy we have all used this past year in navigating the new normal of the pandemic put a big tax on them. While the first thing I will always recommend to people is focus on the long term solutions to managing mental energy (proper diet, rest, sleep, stress management) sometimes we need a quick boost and these 15 tools will help you turn your mental energy around in the short term!

The idea would be pick one from each section and then move onto the next and pick another or take the a la carte approach and choose one that works at that moment.

Moving your body will help you increase blood flow to the brain and help you stay not just physically fit but mentally fit as well! Research has shown that by challenging yourself physically, you’ll create new neural mitochondria, the power generator of our cells!

  1. Take a brisk walk
  2. Do 50 jumping jacks
  3. Take a five minute stretch break
  4. Do 20 crunches
  5. Take a 10 min run break

Mental clutter is often caused by over stimulation. It’s really anything that keeps our mind in overdrive. It can hamper productivity creating even more stress when we are drowning in a sea of “all the things” we have to do. A few simple exercises can help decrease mental clutter so we can get out of our heads and into action.

  1. Cancel or reschedule unnecessary activities that are adding to overwhelm
  2. Create a document or notebook dedicated to parking idea you don’t want to forget but can’t act on immediately
  3. Do a brain dump
  4. Close Loops
  5. Replace excuses with ownership

A positive mindset will always feel lighter than one that is burdened by all the worries of the world. Just like any other skillset, we have to practice staying in a positive mindset especially when negative emotions start to hijack our thoughts.

  1. Make a list of wins
  2. Take a mindful moment
  3. Scan for 3 positives from the day
  4. Practice re-framing
  5. Express gratitude to someone else

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